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Active Shooter Instructor

September 24 - 28, 2012

**Rescheduled from Aug 20 - 24, 2012**


Hosted by Telluric Group, LLC
Telluric Group Training Facility
136  Venture Drive
Brunswick, GA  31525



Course Costs:  $650.00 (Includes NLTA Ammunition)

open enrollment per person


Start Time:  0800




This course will provide the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) with the skills necessary to effectively handle an Active Threat/Shooter. This course was designed for the realities of LEO street encounters and has been developed further based on actual situations.


The non-traditional approach to these situations has evolved and the tactics have been modified, therefore it is critical that the LEO’s understand these concepts and have the skills and ability to apply when necessary. The drills, concepts and principles will give the LEO the greatest chance for winning these encounters. 


The Active Shooter Program covers lessons learned, individual and team tactics, tactics that can be used when multiple jurisdictions arrive on scene and must work together for the first time, rescue drags and carries, tactical transitions, non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) drills, problem solving, evacuation of victims when appropriate, bombs/booby traps, blue on blue situations and much more.


The Instructor Program will also cover the following; policy writing and considerations; command post and post incident considerations; interaction with tactical teams and responses; instructor methodology, critical philosophies and concepts for Active Shooter; how to set up in-service training with limitations such as, time, money, facilities and other common problems. 


This course is 95% hands on and the LEO’s/Instructor will leave with a greater understanding of these Active Threat/Shooter situations and how to teach others.   


Student Equipment/Supplies List:

Duty gear with handcuffs (what you would normally wear on duty and have available in your vehicle)
Long pants and shirts
Light jacket
Notepad and writing utensil
Pistol (Blue Glock 17T preferred)
UTM Conversion kits (if owned, provided for use if not owned)
Rifle/Carbine (AR-15 platform preferred)
NLTA Protective Gear (if own) - protective gear available upon request and eye protection





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