UTM is a Training Ammunition Company providing a complete Force on Force training system consisting of weapon conversions, ammunitions and blue safety magazines. Through Phoenix RBT Solutions, UTM offers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Portable Training Facilities (PTF) and training. We are the largest vendor to the Army’s CCMCK program; adopted by USAF in 2009, USN in 2010 and SOCOM in 2011.



SAFETY DDKDKDKD– UTM conversion kits provide multiple fail-safe measures; they will not fire live, lethal ammunition. The rifle kit includes a blue color-coded bolt conversion with a 3mm offset firing pin -- converting centerfire rifles into rimfire weapons. The conversion will not allow the dust cover to close quarantining positive identification of a converted rifle. The pistol kits include a blue color-coded barrel exchange that changes the head space in the weapon -- preventing the chambering of live lethal ammunition. This fail-safe technology allows operators to use their standard service/duty weapons confidently further enhancing the value of reality-based training.


RELIABILITY – Unlike other products on the market, UTM's NLTA won't cause blockages in the barrel of the gun. Typically, hundreds of rounds can be fired before cleaning is necessary..  According to U.S. Army internal testing, the UTM M4/M16/AR conversion kit is 99.9% reliable. This allows trainers to maximize training time and devote fewer hours to weapon maintenance.


ACCURACY – The innovative 5.56mm Man Marker Round (MMR) training ammunition maintains a shot group of four inches or less at 30 meters (375 fps) and the pistol MMR ammunition maintains a two inch or less shot group at 20 meters (335 fps). This accuracy is unprecedented in Non-Lethal Training Ammunition and once again provides the most realistic training in the industry.


VERSATILITY – UTM provides several different NLTA options including: Man Marker Round (MMR), Silent Blank Round (SBR), Battlefield Blank Round (BBR) and linked NLTA.


Advantages of MMR  -- In reality-based training, the threat of consequence is paramount - it's what changes or affirms behavior. Effective reality-based training incorporates both visual and pain penalty consequences. The UTM MMR consistently marks at any angle to include glancing hits or hits at oblique angles. The pain penalty is minimal but consistent due to the controlled velocity of the patented dual stage primer design.


Advantages of SBR and BBR -- Our blank conversions have a similar fail-safe technology to the MMR. UTM blank rounds don't produce projectiles or heat. With extremely limited emissions there is no requirement for a barrel plug or BFA. The recommended safe separation distance is only 18 inches - substantially reduced from any other product on the market. The limited emissions mean the blanks will not foul or dirty the weapon like traditional blanks. These unique attributes allow trainers to incorporate functioning safe weapons into firearm fundamentals, marksmanship drills, reloading drills, weapon retention weapon take-aways and more without the constraints of live or plastic/rubber training weapons.





Silent Blanks that Cycle Your Weapon for Dry Fire Training.



Battlefield Blanks don't require Blank Firing Adapter (BFA).


Marking Rounds for Force on Force Exercises.

TBR_Icon Target Bullet Rounds for Short Range Lethal Live Fire Training.





Use Your Own Weapon •  Patented Design Provides Fratricide Free Training

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